Friday, January 31, 2014

Pogo Pass Giveaway

Pogo Pass is your source for the best deals for some of the coolest attractions in Phoenix!  With this pass you get free admission to many of your family's favorite places including, Phoenix Zoo, Arizona Sealife and Aquarium, Golfland Sunsplash, and so much more. 

The Pogo Pass is super easy to use too!  All you have to do is purchase the pass and present it at the venue.  The majority of the venues are able to be visited multiple times a month too!  Check out all the participating venues and how many visits you get to each!

This summer is going to be AWESOME with Pogo Pass.

Enter below to win a set of 2 Pogo Passes!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

File Your Taxes Free

Do your taxes with TurboTax FREE!  With TurboTax you'll get your biggest tax refund guaranteed, with 100% accurate calculations, and step by step guidance so you are confident your taxes are done right. 

I do my taxes every year with turbo tax.  I love being able to do them "myself" but have the software to use and help when I need it.  This year I tried to go into a tax store near me to see what they had to offer and when they did my taxes it was only HALF of what I will be getting doing my taxes on TurboTax!  TurboTax is definitely the way to go!  It is FREE (paid editions available too), accurate, and super easy!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Perfect for Super Bowl


This year Super Bowl is a very busy time for us since Munchkin 1's 10th birthday is on Super Bowl.  Food is a must for both birthday parties and of course SUPER BOWL.  Life gets busy and it is hard to have time to prep a bunch of goodies for these events but with Honeybaked it is super easy.  They have a wide range of products to choose from so you can please everyone!  

You can choose from sandwich trays, wrap trays, cheese trays, half hams, meat trays,  a variety of side dishes and even BBQ products like ribs or pulled pork. 

I got the wrap tray.  I was able to choose the meats that came in the wraps and  chose to do half the tray ham and half turkey.  YUM.  I love that they included mayo packets and honey mustard packets to go with the tray.  But of course i had to pick up some additional sauces.  I got the Horseradish Mayo, Honey Mustard, and Chipotle Mayo.  They are all SO good but my favorite had to be the Horseradish Mayo.

Although many locations require you to pre-order many of the party trays, the location I went to was slow when I went in to order so they were able to prepare my tray while I waited.  The staff was very friendly too.  I loved the help I got when I had questions.  Great service, tasty food.  

This is the perfect place to get your game day goodies!

Save on your order!

$10 off Any Size Bone-In Half Ham
$5 off Medium Super Sandwich (Feeds 6-10) Starting at $21.99 with the offer pre-order/advance orders needed)
$8 Off Large Super Sandwich (Feeds 12-20) Starting at $36.99 with the offer (pre-order/advance orders needed)
$25 off $100 Catering Order
$5 off any size Bone-in Quarter Ham, Whole Turkey Breast or Half Boneless Ham
Offers valid only at:
Participating Retail Locations: Forestville, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fields Ertel, Beechmont, Kenwood, Colerain, Florence, Salem, Centerville, Sawmill Road, McNaughten, Louisville, Lexington, Fern Creek, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Superstition, Tolleson, Chandler, Tucson East, Tucson North, Overland Park, Independence, Barry Road, Norristown, Parma, Willoughby, Rocky River, Strongsville, Maple Heights, Canton, Fairlawn, Chapel Hill and Boardman

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Become a Dining Daredevil in 2014!

Become a Dining Daredevil in 2014! releases their Hot Food Trends for the New 


Break free from the same-old dining routine in 2014 and try 
something new with the help of To help 
you start your own dining adventures, has
compiled the 3 hottest trends to conquer at local restaurants 
near you. Resident trend-guru, President and
 Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Krohn provided his 
predictions that will grace our plate in 2014. With these trends,
 you're sure to have a spicy year, but only if you dare! 


1. Egg-cellent Adventures 

While it's hard to determine when this trend ignited, it'
definitely picked up pace and could reach its peak of popularity
 in 2014. The breakfast for dinner craze and increasing 
popularity of regional specialties, like Korean Bibimbap and
 Mexican Huevos Rancheros, will only grow the trend of egg-y
 fusions. Plus, there's an emerging sense from the scientific 
crowd that eggs are healthier than perhaps you previously 
thought, which will feed consumer interest in this farm-fresh 
favorite. All in all, 2014 will be the year of the egg, so you 
might as well get cracking! 


We dare you: Next time you order a burger or stir fry, ask them
 to top it off with a fried egg or two. The added protein 
will help boost your metabolism and satisfy your hunger! 


2. Farm to Fork 

Diners growing eco-awareness and their desire for the 
wholesome simplicity of home-style cooking and minimally-
processed foods is on the rise. Riding this wave, restaurants 
are returning to their predecessors roots, sourcing fresh 
produce and natural ingredients and cooking them up in a 
style that more closely resembles the authentic recipes that 
graced Grandmas kitchen table rather than modern, industrial
 food products. 


We dare you: When people hear farm to fork, they immediately
 think of steamed vegetables, but this trend 
encompasses more than just radishes and such. Tender meat 
alternatives and locally produced cheeses are two items to 
look for on the menu. Don't be afraid to order something 
with a beet or two for an added super food bonus! 


3. Tea Time, All the Time 

Once confined primarily to Asian restaurants, tea is an 
increasingly popular beverage. In 2014, you'll find tea used for 
 novel and surprising purposes. For example, ground teas like
 matcha and chai can be used as dry rubs and marinades 
for beef, chicken or veggies. Tea-smoked salmon and pork will 
both make headway in the new year, and English-style 
tea-time gatherings at local cafes will also be big. 


We dare you: To find these tea-fusion meals, take a trip to an 
Asian fusion restaurant near you and keep an eye out for 
tea-smoked pork, ribs, or stir fry. For an added bonus, try one
 of our other favorite food trends of 2014, a hot sauce like 


Feeling brave? Why not tackle the rest of our top food trend 
list on the blog. 
Your tummy will thank you!  
Blog post 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Chase Field Welcome to Monster Jam

January 25, 2014 at Chase Field Welcome to Monster Jam, an incredible family-friendly experience starring the biggest performers on four wheels: Monster Jam monster trucks.

 These twelve-feet-tall, ten-thousand-pound machines will bring you to your feet, racing and ripping up a custom-designed track full of obstacles to soar over - OR smash through.  
Monster Jam provides a massive nights entertainment tailored perfectly for your family's budget, and these colorful, larger-than-life beasts are sure to capture the hearts of both young and old. Get your tickets today!

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