Monday, October 19, 2015

Love This Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board looks nice so can be left out on the counter if you wanted too.  I love the different color tones of the bamboo. Cutting on the board is easy and I don’t notice any dulling on my knives which is very important to me.  I also haven’t noticed a lot of cut marks on the board from cutting on the surface.  Some boards show signs of wear after the first time you use it but a good board shouldn’t and this is a good board. 

I made sure to condition the board with a wax made for cutting boards before use to help prolong its life.  I will continue to condition the board after every few uses because it helps to keep the board moisturized and in good condition.

This board has a drip groove and that is great because it makes it easy to work with juicier food like watermelon, tomatoes, and much more.  I have had cutting boards in the past without the groove and was only able to use them for a small portion of my cutting because it would have made a mess.

The size is great, perfect for cutting just about anything from a whole loin to just a few cherry tomatoes.  But lets talk about maintenance.  This is not dishwasher safe, if fact you shouldn’t ever put wood in your dishwasher because it dried it out and it will crack and those cracks harbor tons of germs.  A mild soap with warm water and a sponge does just fine to clean your board and it only takes a minute.  I let mine air dry, or you can dry thoroughly with a clean towel.  Before your first use and after every few washes you will want to condition your board.  You can use a wax or oil meant especially for wood boards and utensils or you can use something as simple as coconut oil, but do not use vegetable oil or olive oil because they can go rancid and ruin your board.  Do your research on how to care for your board.  It is easy and doesn’t take much time but the effort you put into your board will pay off in having a fantastic board for years.

I have received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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