Friday, November 6, 2015

Amazing Color Changing Shirts

I got the Del Sol color changing Minnie shirt for my daughter who loves Minnie Mouse.  I think this has got to be one of the coolest shirts I have ever seen.  It is super neat how it is pretty much white indoors then when we go outside or she stands by the sliding glass window it gains tons of pretty colors. 

I was surprised at how fast it changed too.  It is not as gradual as I thought it would be and it is much more noticeable than I thought it would be.  This shirt has definitely exceeded my expectations, even after washing they still change colors. 
My son just turned one and doesn’t know who Mickey Mouse is but his Del Sol shirt is amazing just the same.  I think at this age though when we dress our kids, it is more our interest and like rather than theirs.  This color changing Mickey Mouse shirt is so adorable, not to mention very neat.  I love how it is a plain t-shirt until the sun hits it and then it looks like a whole new shirt.  I think the blue stripes that form are very cute and bring out his bright blue eyes.    This is a shirt we will be putting into his keepsake box once he outgrows it.  

Both of these shirts came from Del Sol.  But Del Sol doesn't just have clothes for kids, they also have clothes for adults.  And they don't' just stop at clothes.  They have backpacks, nail polish, sunglasses, and more, even skateboards.  You have to check out their site to see all the fun things they have.

I have received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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