Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sweet, Spicy and Simply Delicious...Jenkins Jellies

My family loves jellies and jams and to be perfectly honest, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to jellies, jams and preserves.  I am particular and ask anyone in my family and they will tell you the same. 

Jenkins Jellies are NOT your typical jelly.  They are in a league of their own.  There are 4 different varieties and we got the chance to try the Hell Fire and Fiery Fig.  The other two flavors are, Passion Fire and Guava Brava.   I was blown away, not from the spice but from the depth of flavors and the complexity of the jellies.
The Fiery Fig Jelly was sweet and a bit spicy but more sweet than spicy.  The fig flavor was at the forefront of the flavors and the spicy kind of was the shy kid in the classroom who you knew was there but was always quite.  It was the more mild of the two jellies. When we went to try the Hell Fire Jelly I wasn’t sure what to expect because the Fiery Fig was more sweet than spicy but the name was a bit scary.  I have to say, I was impressed.  The sweetness was still there but the spice was too.  It was spicier than sweet, opposite of the Fiery Fig and my favorite of the two.  The spice was not overpowering though and my kids even enjoyed it.

Both jellies were easy to spread on the crackers and the crackers were a great pairing for the jellies so if you are having guest a plate of crackers and this jelly would make an amazing munchie plate.  The jelly set even came with an adorable little spoon to serve the jelly with.  Jenkins Jellies can also be used in recipes to add that certain “something” that a dish may be missing or just to highlight the flavors already there.

Jenkins Jellies would be great at any party or a wonderful gift for a friend, family member, or coworker.   They are very delicious and actually highly addictive.  

I have received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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