Friday, November 16, 2012

Letter From Santa Review and Giveaway

Reveiwed and Hosted by Jenn, Mom of Two Munchkins

We got the coolest surprise in the mail.  Alright I admit it, it wasn't for me.  It was for Munchkin 1.  And oh boy was he excited!  He got a letter from Santa!  I could not believe Santa took time out of his busy schedule to write a letter to my little boy but he did and the house was a flurry of excitement! 

The first thing Munchkin 1 noticed was there was not a return address....only a picture of Santa.  The letter was addressed to Munchkin 1.  And as you can see the post master was not sure about it either!

 We all stood around while Munchkin 1 read the letter.  As you can see even the cat was interested!  The letter addressed him by name which was awesome!  It then went on to tell him what a good boy he had been this year, even though Santa knew it was hard sometimes.  It also said to tell Munchkin 2 that she had been good as well and mentioned her by name!  The letter was very neat and we all were very thankful to have gotten it.

          ****Warning!!!  Spoiler Alert!  Any children around may want to leave now****

I wanted to ensure I did not devastate any children in the revealing of the company that send out these wonderful letters. is a great site with a bunch of great products!  One of my other favorites, the flying card, is how the company got it's name.  You can read my review for The Flying Card HERE.

The company makes sure to gather useful information about the children form the sender of the letter to make sure the letter is as believable as possible which makes it extra special.  We see many letter from Santa out there but this one tops them all they not only personalize the letter to your child through using their name but they also mention a sibling or beloved friend as well.

The letter was amazing and I loved that the envelope had a stamp of Santa where the return address should have been!  So cute.  The only problem was not with the company but with Munchkin 1 being too smart for me.  The letter had the companies logo very small at the bottom which most kids would not notice but Munchkin one of course noticed it.  I am pretty sure Munchkin 1 does not believe anymore but he has not said that he doesn't either so I don't want to ruin it for him if he does.  But we both laughed at that.  The other thing was the envelope it came in was from Office Depot and Munchkin 1 noticed that as well and smiled and said, "I didn't know there was an Office Depot at the North Pole."  I thought it was too funny that he noticed these two very small things that no other kid would notice!

This letter is something that will be cherished in our home for years to come.  I plan to frame it and display it each Christmas and will definitely get another one next year. only needs a small amount of info to create this spectacular gift; the child's name, whether the child is a boy or girl, child's address, age, the name of a sibling (or friend), and the town they live in!  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy and then you have a memorable gift.

See a sample of the letter here.  They also have a number of other letters for holidays and special occasions.  Make sure to check them out here.

Want to win on of these wonderful letters for a child you love?  Well you can!  Jenn, Mom of Two Munchkins and have teamed up to giveaway one of these awesome letters, personalized to the child of your choice.

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