Thursday, November 1, 2012

Uglee Pen Review and Giveaway

The UGLEE Pen has a strange name.  UGLEE is a acronym for Ultimate Grip Lee Pen. The "Lee" comes from the ingenious doctor, Dr. James Lee, who obsessed over designing this pen because of his own frustration with the inadequate "ergonomic" pens currently on the market.  The UGLEE Pen boast that it is "The world's most comfortable ergonomic pen."  I was skeptical at first because I am a pen addict, yes, I have a pen obsession.  This is the first ergonomic pen I have used so of course it is the most comfortable one I have ever used but it is also the most comfortable pen I have ever used.  Having arthritis and the beginning stages of carpal-tunnel syndrome it is hard for me to write for any length of time without my hand cramping up and even my elbow hurting.  This pen is MAGIC!  I was able to write for longer period of time before I had to stop because my hand was cramping up.

Dr. James Lee designed this revolutionary pen because in med school he wrote an average of 20 pages of notes by hand each day!  Can you imagine?!  I can see why he began to develop not only a ergonomic pen but one that was comfortable as well.  One thing that separates this pen from other ergonomic pens is that it
was designed, created, and used by a doctor.  That is important to me because it tells me that the pen is not being labeled something that it is not.

The UGLEE Pen uses super smooth ink.  I usually use gel pens but this pen wrote wonderfully and I didn't feel a drag of the ink that I do with most other pens.  It has has an awesome grip.  I was surprised when I took them out of the package and the grip was a lot softer than I thought it would be.  The best way I can describe the material it is made out of it the sticky hands my son buys from the gumball machines that stick to windows.  I know that sounds strange but it is SO comfortable.  The only problem I have with the material that the grip is made of is that animal hair sticks to it pretty easily.  But I just brush it off.  The grip was designed to fit perfectly with the curve of your finger bones for ultimate comfort.  I was amazed when I picked up the pen for the first time because it was so comfortable and so light it was like I wasn't holding anything at all.  The UGLEE Pen only weighs 11 grams (less than 1/2 and ounce).

The UGLEE Pen comes in 7 different colors including red, pink, white, yellow, green, silver, and blue.  I was super happy that I got pink and apparently so was Munchkin 2 because she promptly stole one from me as soon as I opened the package and I haven't gotten it back since.  The ink that comes in the pen is blue but you can order ink refills in black, red, and blue. 

I am very excited that I found a pen that I can use for more than a few minutes without cramping up and that is also good for Munchkin 2 to use while she is is learning to write (yes, it is great for kids too).  Don't just take my word for it but try them for yourself.  You can also enter to win a pack below.

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  1. I learned that the name uglee was not what I thought it was. Ultimate Grip by dr Lee does not sound as good as UGLee pen. I can see why his wife doesn't like it but at the same time I do like it. It's awesome that they wanted it to work good and it just happened to be awesome looking too!

  2. I learned that not only is the pen lightweight, but it is designed to fit the actual anatomy of your hand, AND the ink is the smoothest ink known! That sounds like one heck of a pen to me -- I'm OBSESSED with pens and definitely need to try these out!!

  3. the UGLEE Pen helps when you have arthritis or carpal tunnel

  4. I learned that a physician created it.

  5. Dr. Lee states that it does a good job at reducing the risk of CTS, which is great!

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  6. i learned that a doctor created this pen

  7. a doctor created this pen out of frustration of other pens hurting his hands, this pen is designed to fit the shape of the bones in our hands, which makes it more comfortable to hold and use.